Athletics Carnivals




We were certainly being looked after when it came to the weather for this year’s athletic carnivals. 


The junior carnival on Tuesday, 12h September (Junior) began with a light shower but fined up to a lovely day and Thursday 17th September (Senior) was bathed in sunshine. This added to the jubilant atmosphere and enthusiasm shown by all the children.


All participants could be heard cheering for their teams and fellow faction members. Great sportsmanship was witnessed as boys and girls realised that the main emphasis for the day was participating and having fun!


All children had the opportunity to run, throw, catch, roll, tug, deliver flags, etc in both individual and team events.  


Congratulations need to go to all the children who participated to their best of their ability and were valuable members of a team.  An observer of these events would have witnessed all of the children really enjoying themselves.


The results for each of the carnivals were:



 1st – Red – 455 points

 2nd – Gold – 330 points

 3rd – Blue – 325 points

 4th – Green – 230 points



 1ST – Blue – 578 points

 2nd – Gold – 571 points

 3rd – Red – 492 points

 4th – Green – 434 points


The individual champions for years 4 – 6 were:

Boys Girls



 = Champion – Bodhi Pringle (Green) 12pts Champion – Caylee Stewart (Red) 19pts

 = Champion – Joshua Allen (Gold) 12pts Runner Up – Olivia Blight (Red) 13pts

 Runner Up – Te-Ariki McRoy (Blue) 9pts



Champion – Dylan Finnigan (Blue) 21pts Champion – Terena McRoy (Blue) 22pts 

=Runner Up – Kade Reemeyer (Green) 6pts Runner Up – Abi Phillis-Vidler(Gold)15

=Runner Up – Jack Connelly (Gold ) 6pts



Champion – Aaron Solomons (Blue) 18pts Champion – Lily Geddes-King (Blue)23

Runner Up – Brooklyn King (Gold) 15pts Runner Up – Taylah Mandy (Gold) 14pt


A huge thank you must go to the parents who volunteered their time to help out on one or both of the carnival days.  These carnivals cannot operate without you!


Mrs White

Phys Ed Specialist