Principal's Word

We have had an excellent response to our communication survey that went out at the end of last year and again earlier this week. The feedback received will help us inform our future communication strategy. You can still give us your feedback and input via the survey link below:



  • Contact the office if you are having trouble accessing Connect or email We are hoping to see our Connect community grow again in 2018.
  • Teachers will be sending out information regarding their Parent Briefings which will begin next week. A good chance to hear about some of the aspects of your child’s learning for the year.
  • Public Schools will be closed on Easter Tuesday.

What’s New or Different?

1. We are attempting to fit our assemblies into the first learning session of the day, so some of the awards will be announced over the PA system such as the ‘Cleaner’s Choice’ and Uniform awards. Hopefully the shorter performances will allow more parents to attend. After consulting our Visible Learning vision and ‘You Can Do It’ philosophy we will no longer be awarding citizenship awards at class assemblies. These specific traits and levels of excellence can be acknowledged in our merit awards which will be increased this year.


2. We have a number of new staff joining us which have been acknowledged in this newsletter.

3. You will soon be receiving a letter outlining our new Healthy Food Policy. Please take the time to read it, so you are aware of our direction in this area.

4. School times have been adjusted since last year, which was communicated via Connect at the beginning of the term.

5. By the time the next Newsletter is published there will be some significant progress in our new Playground, donated by the P & C. Stay tuned for some photos.



Phil Springett