Principal's Word

School Contributions

A big thanks to those of you who have paid your school contributions for 2018. Across the school, the $60 contribution adds up and allows us to support the learning programs across the school and provide students with much needed resources and facilities. So far this year we have received 36% of our contributions across the school. Statements will be sent out soon with information on how to pay if you are yet to do so.



  • It is an expectation that students wear the school uniform all year round. With the cooler weather just around the corner it would be a good time to order winter jackets from our uniform shop.
  • Safety Bay Primary School is a smoke free zone. For the health and wellbeing of our students, please do not smoke on our school grounds.
  • Public schools are not open on Easter Tuesday.


  • Mr Leo has joined the staff, teaching in P8 on Fridays
  • Ms Cooke has moved to the Deputy Principal role for the remainder of the semester and Mrs Smith is now the full time teacher in C21.
  • On Wednesday we held two Emergency Procedure drills to allow us to assess our current policy and make the necessary modifications. We will hold another drill later in the year after modifications have been implemented.

P & C Playground

The P&C playground has been up and running this week, with many students using it at recess and lunch times and no doubt they will continue to do so for many years to come. It was a substantial investment from the P&C and was achieved through the support of the parents and community who have contributed to fundraisers over the past years. The playground is for years 1-3 to use during break times. Year 4-6 teachers may access the playground for daily fitness activities.


Phil Springett