Penguin Pantry News

Harmony day is approaching and for that day only, we will be offering a special menu with choices reflecting various cultures and countries. We feel it would be really special if we could incorporate cultures from our school, so please drop by chat to Mrs B about foods and meals from your family’s country of origin.


Winter is also quickly approaching – from the start of Term 2 there will be a new Winter menu that will introduce some yummy Winter Warmers, but will also see items that don't sell so well removed. Your canteen does not run to make a profit, therefore we need to make sure that items on the menu get sold. So, if you have a favourite that you want to see stay on the menu - order it as much as you can, persuade your friends to try it and buy it. To maintain  the Penguin Pantry’s viability, we can only keep things on the menu that sell well.