Payments in Advance

Payments may be made by:-

  • Qkr! - a mobile phone payment app new for 2018.  Download from Apple App                    Store/Google Play
  • direct bank transfer to Safety Bay Primary School bank account 

  NAB BSB 086 918 Account  02949 1771

  (Please include STUDENT OR FAMILY NAME in the reference)  

  Please also email to notify payment by direct bank              transfer.

  • credit card at the front office or by phone authorisation
  • ticking the box on the payment envelope to use the credit from upfront payment credit
  • cash or cheque (payable to Safety Bay Primary School)




Your child will receive notes home seeking permission to attend activities as and when these activities are scheduled throughout the school year.  You then authorise fees and charges to be deducted as required for your child to attend the activity.  This can be done by emailing or ticking the box on the permission slip.


This option has many benefits:


  • You will no longer need to find money to pay out to the school each time an activity is about to occur.
  • You won’t need to give cash to your child to pass on to the office.
  • Your child is assured a place in the activity – children who haven’t paid are unable to attend.


Funds remaining on your child’s account at the end of the year will remain as a credit and roll over into the next school year.  Refunds will only be issued by EFT if your child leaves Safety Bay Primary School.

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