The Meaning of Life Has Been Found!

You see, every day, thousands of Australians receive life-saving blood donations, but what many people don’t realise is that the red blood cells inside donated blood have a shelf-life of just 42 days.

The means Australia doesn’t just need blood donations urgently, we need them regularly.


Australian Red Cross Blood Service has launched a new campaign to encourage more people to give blood. Several staff members at Safety Bay Primary School are proud to support the Blood Service through our participation in their Red25 group donation program.


So, be life, the universe and everything to someone. Become a blood donor today, and donate regularly.

Make an appointment at or by calling 13 14 95. Or, to join us for our group donation, pop in and see Kylie Grove in C19 before or after school.


And remember to join our Red25 group, so your donations count towards our tally.