Kindy - Junior Primary



There are four Kindergarten classes in 2017.

W6 - Kindy Pelicans and Kindy Stingrays - Mrs Deb McLeod and Mrs Jenny Peace

W7 - Kindy Penguins and Kindy Dolphins - Mrs Kristie Grieve and Mrs Allison Plummer




Currently we have four Pre-Primary classes.

W3   Mrs Larra Watterson-Rutherford

W4   Mrs Gemma Clarkson and Mrs Michelle Hall

W5   Mrs Anick Ruan

W8   Mrs Lisa Bell 


Year 1- 2


At present we have seven classes across Year 1 to 2. Some of these classes are composite classes. The following teachers work with these children:


Yr 1 - Mrs Monali Billimoria (S3)

Yr 1 - Miss Annis Klauz (S4)

Yr 1 - Miss Carol Nunn (S5)

Yr 1 - Mrs Lisa Turner (S6)

Yr 2 - Mrs Jeanette Evans and Mrs Sue Winzer (P7)

Yr 2 - Mrs Charmaine Ruffels (P8)

Yr 2 - Mr Christian Petersen (P9)

Yr 2 - Mrs Kim Petersen (P10)