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The new school includes an Education Support Class. Its location in the upper school block close to the junior and middle school blocks allowing our students to independently move between the ESU and their mainstream class whilst in full view of teaching staff. This facility includes cooling and heating for the comfort of the students.


Safety Bay Primary School’s Education Support Class caters for students from year one to year seven. The students participate in an intensive morning program in the ESU. After lunch they move into their mainstream class where the curriculum is adjusted to meet their specific needs. During this time they enjoy working and socializing with students in the same year level. The students attend Physical Education, Indonesian and Music during the day with their mainstream class.


In the Class


All students in the ESC have an Individual Education Program (IEP) and the students are reported against these. These programs cater for their individual needs, particularly in the areas of English, Mathematics, functional and social skills. The skills are taught through a variety of strategies (e.g. direct instruction, learning technologies) and are taught across a variety of learning areas such as Science and Technology. The students are also involved in a range of practical skills such as catching public transport to an excursion, shopping and cooking.


We cater for students with a diverse range of abilities. With having years one to seven we are able to group students according to their abilities rather than their age. This environment provides younger and older students with role models to assist them in their understanding of a concept.


The unit works closely with Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists through Rocky Bay. This allows us to call on them for any concerns when the need arises. The ESU staff liaise and then implement the individual specialised programs that are created.


In the Mainstream Class


In the students mainstream classrooms, the students are given the opportunity to participate in other learning areas, such as Science and Society & Environment. They also participate in activities including sports carnivals, incursions, excursions, swimming lessons and camps.


Support is provided by the Education Support Teacher or an Education Assistant to ensure students are able to access the curriculum to the best of their ability. Students who are capable are given the opportunity to independently participate in mainstream activities. This arrangement aims to provide a balanced education by providing Individual Education Plans that meet the students’ specific needs, as well as offering opportunities for them to socialise and learn along side their mainstream peers. Students are encourage to build friendships with their mainstream peers.


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